Search the Photo Project

You can search for any text in the title, caption or keywords of an image.

Try searching for a specific business or organisation, or a subject such as cafe, food, groceries or clothes.

All images in all galleries are searched. The search is not case-sensitive.

To search for multiple words anywhere in the text with the images, separate the words with the character “&”. To search for any one of multiple words then start with the character “-“.  Otherwise, the search will look for the exact string typed.


  • “market hill” (without the quotes) will search for the precise string “market hill” anywhere in the caption
  • “market & hill” will find an image with “market” and “hill” (but not necessarily together in that order). 
  • “market -& hill” searches for images containing “market” but not “hill”.
  • “-market hill” searches for images containing either “market” or “hill” (or both).