Using this archive

This archive contains nearly 3,000 images taken during the 2011 Framlingham Photo Project, organised into galleries by category, listed on the project front page. Click on any of the categories to see pages of thumbnails for that category. Click on a thumbnail to get a larger image. You can also move from image to image with the cursor left and right keys.

Below each thumbnail is the title and caption of each image. Some titles are more informative than others. Unfortunately, sometimes the title is the same as the caption, so under the picture you may see for example “Crown & Anchor : Crown & Anchor”. When I have time I’ll go through and correct these.

There is also a search function, which searches the entire archive. It searches for words in image titles, captions, keywords and other image metadata. The search function returns more information than the category pages, including the keyword tags applied to the image.